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  Uni-Royal Group is the world‘s leading chip resistor and dip resistor industry leader,founded in 1978 in Hsinchu,Taiwan.With more than 38 years of development and experience,the global electronics industry has a deep insight and innovative leadership capabilities.


  Uni-Royal has a complete R&D team in Taiwan,Kunshan,Xiamen,Shenzhen and Southeast Asia(Thailand),manufacturing plants and sales teams all over the world in the global marketing service network.Group's four famous brands:ROYALOHM,UNIOHM,FOSS,AEON,has become the world's industry customers most preferred,and reliable passive components of the important suppliers and preferred partners.


  Uni-Royal has qualified in the ISO9001,ISO14001,TL9000 and TS16949 and other international quality system certification,products and services are widely used in the global electronics industries markets,chips,computers,civil and military and many other high-tech fields.In the past 38 years,the global economy continues to develop,scientific modernization,especially the rapid development of the electronics industry applications.Uni-Royal has always been to leading-edge technology,with the excellent products and industry-leading solutions.Providing the world's many well-known industry customers,for the electronic devicerelated products and services in full range of needs.

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